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Комплексная автоматизированная система МАРТ
The complex automated system MART
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The complex automated system of formation and processing of the estimate and contractual documentation on repair activities

Nowadays the preparation and work with the ship documentation receives the new forms. The officers of a vessel understand, that in new economic conditions the personal liability for the competently composed documents is being increased, whether it is a crew list, an application for food and technical supply, cargo plan or repair sheet. In all cases, any inaccuracy or incomplete information results in serious consequences.
To restore operating characteristics of ship means and constructions the maintenance activities are carried out with or without inactivation of a vessel.
The effectiveness of cost calculation and terms of a vessel repair depends on the preparation for repair and how competently the is drawn up.
The preparation of the maintenance record is conducted by different ways: hand-written, typewritten, computer typed in a text editor or in a spreadsheet. In all cases, this document is received to consideration by the initiator of activities, and it becomes a legal document after completing some formal papers. The quality and duration of repair activity depends on the information this document includes. The technical content and proper indicated subject of repair are the main issues necessary for success.
Let's consider in details the structural interaction of the subjects, concerning both sides’ preparation, processing and exchange of the repair documentation...